Seeing Your Need To Be Taught

In the ‘Seeing Your Need To Be Taught’ study, you will begin your journey
in developing a spiritual Firm Foundation

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A solid foundation is fundamental for any structure. Every Christian needs to know many basic truths to counteract many years of teaching that may be contrary to Scriptures. There is much the believer must know to know to prosper in your new spiritual journey and walk with God. The ‘Seeing Your Need To Be Taught’ study provides the principles and foundational truths necessary in establishing spiritual growth. Once you see it, your life will take on a great transformation. You will experience the joy of knowing and walking with God.

Seeing Your Need To Be Taught

Lesson 1: Key Scriptures For A Firm Foundation
Lesson 2: Seeing Your Need For Spiritual Growth
Lesson 3: Seeing Your Need To Study The Scriptures
Lesson 4: Seeing Your Need For Bible Instruction
Lesson 5: Seeing Your Need To Be Taught Daily
Lesson 6: Seeing Your Need For Commitment

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