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Discover How God Can Be The Driving Force In Your Life

In this 22 lesson study of foundational Bible truths, you will learn the basic tenets of what Christians must believe and practice As a result of this study, you will become rooted and grounded in Biblical principles that will establish the framework for seeking, understanding and knowing God. A solid foundation gives you the tools to practice the Christian faith in useful and practical ways every day. Your new understanding of Bible truths will build your confidence in God and deepen your desire to know and serve Him.

In this series discover:

Lesson 1: Key Scriptures For A Firm Foundation

Lesson 2: Seeing Your Need For Spiritual Growth

Lesson 3: Seeing Your Need To Study The Scriptures

Lesson 4: Seeing Your Need For Bible Instruction

Lesson 5: Seeing Your Need To Be Taught Daily

Lesson 6: Seeing Your Need For Commitment
Essentials For A Firm Foundation

Lesson 7: Assurance of Salvation

Lesson 8: The Devotional Life

Lesson 9: The Lordship of God’s Word

Lesson 10: Prayer

Lesson 11: Confession – The Way to Forgiveness

Lesson 12: God’s Guidance

Lesson 13: Giving and Stewardship

Lesson 14: Temptation

Lesson 15: Water Baptism

Lesson 16: The Church

Lesson 17: Repentance

Lesson 18: The Great Commission

Lesson 19: Faith Toward God

Lesson 20: The Carnal vs. the Spiritual Christian

Lesson 21: Satan, our Adversary

Lesson 22: The Work of the Holy Spirit


$23.99 Each-Includes Shipping and Tax

Secure processing

Need 3 or more books? Email us for pricing



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