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Living InHim Ministries, The Bible-teaching ministry of David A. Grimes, is committed to effectively communicating the truths of Scripture in a clear, accurate , concise and useable manner that assists the disciple in reaching his or her goals in knowing and walking with God. We provide Bible studies for the inexperienced believer or the more mature Christian that wants to grow to the next level in their knowledge of our Savior.

This is accomplished through Bible study guides that are simply written and easy to follow and understand. They can be used by an individual or in a group setting with well-defined results. The studies are time-tested and proven to accomplish the goal of deepening your knowledge of God and greatly enhancing your daily fellowship with Him.

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Secrets of the Spiritual Mind

Secrets of the Spiritual Mind

Men of valor.

Men of Valor

On Track

OnTrack-Essentials for a Firm Foundation

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